Raspberry Pi Media Centre CEC HDMI Protocol – Kodi Multimedia Center


“M8 4K and M8S 4K OTT TV Boxes also support CEC HDMI Protocol”

A friend that is also into gadgets that knew I have been playing around with different Android TV boxes gave me one of his Raspberry Pi to try out. For those who are not familiar with Raspberry Pi, this is a multimedia centre TV box sort of like android TV boxes found all over the internet, except that it runs on Raspberry Pi not Android platform.  XBMC now called Kodi is loaded software found on these types of devices.

Now something very unique that I found with the Raspberry Pi TV Box was that it supports CEC HDMI Protocol. This is when you can use your current TV remote to also control your Raspberry Pi. No need to purchase a second remote and less clutter on your table.

How to use your current TV remote for your Raspberry Pi – Kodi media center (if your TV supports CEC HDMI Protocol) This is quite amazing and hopefully this works for you for I find it very useful. Controlling your TV set and Raspberry Pi Kodi with one remote leaves you with more USB inputs and less clutter on the table. You can even turn on/off the Raspberry Pi as you turn on your TV.

Step 1: Do You Have CEC?

Every manufacturer has a different trade name for CEC,
Samsung – Anynet+
Sony – BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync
Sharp – Aquos Link
Hitachi – HDMI-CECAOC – E-link
Pioneer – Kuro Link
Toshiba – Regza Link or CE-Link
LG – SimpLink
Panasonic – VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync
Philips – EasyLinkIf your TV has a button, logo, or menu with one of these names or similar, congratulations you have CEC!

Step 2: Getting Set Up

Most of the newer Andoid boxes support CEC and IP Remote controls in the setup menu. Using the M8 4K and M8S 4K OTT TV boxes they fully support Google TV Remote, IP Remote, IOS and Android APP Remotes and CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) through HDMI. Of course you will need a Hi-quality HDMI cable that supports CEC.

To enable CEC with your Android TV box, simply navigate to your “Settings” then “Advanced” and in there you should find “CEC”. Enable all CEC features.

I’m going to be using an LG – 42LD450 and a Panasonic TC – P50X2 as examples. My Raspberry Pi is a type B and is running Raspbmc. Most of the steps will be very similar in most Tv’s. If your lucky you might only have to plug in your Pi without any additional steps!Get your Raspberry Pi hooked up using HDMI (obviously to use HDMI -CEC you have to use and HDMI cable for video)

Step 3: LG TV

Picture of LG TV
For my LG tv these are the steps.
1. Turn on the tv and go to the Raspberry Pi input.2. Boot up the Pi and wait for it to get to the Raspbmc home screen.3. Press ‘SimpLink’ on your tv’s remote.4. Turn it on5. ENJOY!The tv and the Pi are now ‘paired’ and the tv remote will control the basic functions in Raspbmc. Play, pause, directional arrows, ok etc.

Step 4: Panasonic TV

Picture of Panasonic TV

Same as before,

  • 1. Turn on tv to the Pi’s input, boot Pi.
  • 2. On the tv, menu – > setup – > Viera link setting – > ON
  • 3. Done!
This tv will even turn on and off when you boot and shutdown Raspbmc.

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Raspberry Pi Remote For Free!

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