In-car Handsfree & FM Transmitter

In-car Hands-free & FM Transmitter with Built-in rechargeable battery

Product Description

AK-IP530IR FM Transmitter is fashionable and multifunctional, appoved by CE&FCC certificate which is the symbol of high quality. Let’s enjoy the fun of music anywhere.

* High fidelity, stereo.
* With Digital PLL, wave signal transmission and reception won’t be affected even in the situation subject to extreme changes by temperature.
* Full frequency range: 87.9-107.9MHz, 0.1MHz/Step.
* Memory for last frequency.
* Powered by iPod, iPhone, iTouch directly.
* With remote control, remote for easy control.
* Charging for iPod&iPhone with car adapter. (optional accessory)
* Blue backlight.

* Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
* Separation: >=50dB
* Operating current: 15mA
* Transmission range: 87.9MHz~107.9MHz (interval 0.1MHz)
* Dimensions: D42.5mm x W26.5mm x H20mm
* Accessory: Car adapter – DC2.5mm, input 12V 150mA, output 12V 150mA
* N. W.: 77g (with car adapter), 53G (without car adapter)
* G. W.: 82g(with car adapter), 58g (without car adapter)
* Packing: Gift box

Compatible with
* Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod classic, touch, nano 3G, video and nano 2G etc.
* Color: Black Blue Green Silver White and claret

How to Use
* Connect the FM transmitter to iPhone / iPhone 3G(or iPod).
* Adjust the volume and frequency of the FM radio and avoid the frequency of the broadcasting stations.
* Tune the frequency of the FM transmitter according to the FM radio.
* The FM transmitter will automatically save the last frequency when you disconnect it.
* When you connect the FM transmitter to iPod, you can charge iPod with a car adapter connected to the FM transmitter.

*  Suitable for all automobiles, supports iphone hands-free talking through card speaker system.

*  Transmit your favourite tunes from your device to your car/other stereo.

*  Suitable for all cell phones and mp3/4/5 with 3.5mm jack.

*  Wireless remote control:Frequecny Up/Down/Previously/Next/Pause/Play.

*  Use car’s cigar’ lighter.

*  Supports any FM station from 88.1 ~ 107.9 MHz, 200 selectable channels.

*  LCD display screen.

*  Be Hi-fi and stereo through DIGITAL and PLL technology.

*  Small electric current, power supply by its build-in battery.

*  Running status remember function when shutdown the transmitter.

*  Hi-fi transmission for audio.

*  Fashion mini design.

*  Supports any FM station from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz, transmition distance:15m.

*  Output voltage 5V

*  Car current: 600mA

*  Working condition: -20°c to 50°c

*  Battery: 120mA

*  Stereo crosstalk 38dB

Technology parameter:
*  Frequecny feature: 20Hz-20KHz
* Separation degree: ≥60dB
* Signal to Noise: ≥60dB
* Audio distortion: <2%(mod=75KHZ. F=1KHZ)
* Mixed and harmonic wave: <-35db

* Color: black
* Unit Package Gross Weight: 0.08kg

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