Hidden Video Camera MP3 Player

The Hidden Camera MP3 Player looks like an innocent ipod spy camera player, however, hidden inside is a color camera, and a slot to store up to 16GB of micro SD memory & record clear 640 x 40 @ 30 fps


The Hidden Camera MP3 Player is our latest hidden camera is installed in a MP3 player so small it will never cease to amaze. This hidden DVR is capable of VGA quality color video as well as excellent audio recording quality. It even takes still images.

The real surprise about the Hidden Camera MP3 Player is that this tiny device retains its full functionality as an MP3 player. Clip the player to your shirt, pop in your earbuds and the HC-MP3 will play any MP3s you have stored on the SD card.



  • Functional MP3 player
  • Still images
  • Color video and audio recording

Technical Specifications:

  • Video resolution: 640 x 480 @ Up to 30FPS
  • Still image: 640 x 480
  • Viewing angle: 64 degrees
  • Lux rating: 1 lux
  • Dimensions: 28 x 41 x 12.4mm (with clip)
  • Storage: MicroSD Cards up to 16GB, includes 2GB



  • 1 HC-MP3
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Set of earbuds

Web: http://www.GizmoDirect.caGoogle+
Come visit us at: 531 Dundas Street Woodstock ON

Tele: 226-224-7434 eMail:gizmodirect.ca@gmail.com

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