Factory Carrier Service Provider Unlocking

Factory Carrier Service Provider Unlocking


What does Unlocking Mean?

This is when you unlock your phone from locked service provider and choose another provider. (Example) So if your phone is locked to Rogers, Factory Unlocking will allow you to use your phone with another service provider of your choice like Bell or Telus

What is the difference between Factory Unlock to Jailbreak Unlock?

OFFICIAL FACTORY UNLOCK: Most phones are Factory Locked to the service provider, for example an iPhone may be locked to Rogers and can
not be used with any other service provider. Factory Unlocking is when your phone can be used with any service provider. This is the official and recommended way to unlock your phone and once done will always be unlocked to use with any service provider.

JAILBREAK UNLOCK: Jailbreak unlock is software based and requires hacking your phones operating system. This only usually applies for iPhones and we DO NOT recommend this procedure for it could damage your phone unusable. You can never update your firmware with Jailbreak Unlocks or you will lose your Jailbreak Unlock and will restore to original locked provider

Why Factory Unlock your phone?

There is many reasons why you should factory unlock your phone, the most popular reason is so you can always change your carrier service provider to another service provider of your choice. Another good reason is to avoid roaming charges when on holidays or in an area where your providers is not available giving you the opportunity to purchase a local carrier SIM of your choice. Here is a few other reasons why Factory Unlocking could benifit you

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