Lensse Camera Stabilizers (smartphone compatible)

Lensse I-Steady PDA phone Compact Camera Stabilizer Up To 0.55lbs ( 250g)

Products Features
Complete Composite Material, Rubber Coating Adjustable Universal PDA Holder
( Compatible PDA Phones : Iphone 3, 4 , 4s, Samsung Galaxy I, II, Motorola, HTC and many other up to 0,55lbs 250g

( Compatible Compact Cameras : Canon Ixus, Casio Exilim, Panasonic Lumix Fs, Fx and many others up to 0,55 lbs ( 250g)

Universal Camera Mount Screw

Comfort Pro Handle

Very Easy to Install and Use

Support Up to 250gram (0.55 lbs) Iphones and PDAs

Light Weight and Compact, Easy to Carry

Items Included

Lensse I-Steady

PDA Holder

Instruction Manual English

Other camera support system models by Lensse.

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