Camera Mono-pod Extender

Lensse I-handle 2XL Monopod for Iphone Android and PDA Phones

High Quality Metal Construction, Nickel Plated
Solid Handle Metal Handle With Ruber Grip ( Bottom 1/4 Socket Abilitiy to Connects Unit to The Tripods)
Variable PDA and Smartphone Can be Attached by Adjustable PDA Holder
Variable Leght Adjustment from 8inch to 43inch (21cm-109cm)
Universal Camera Month Screw Provides to Ability Conect With Mini Cameras and Gopro Directly
Very Easy to Install and Use
Support Up to 1 lbs Iphones, PDAs and Cameras
Adjustable Angle Joint System
Light Weighted and Compact, Easy to Carry

Web: http://www.GizmoDirect.caGoogle+
Come visit us at: 531 Dundas Street Woodstock ON

Tele: 226-224-7434

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